Welcome to Year 1 and Year 2

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your break and made lots of lovely memories together over the holidays.

Your Year 1/2 Team

Mrs Moore is the class teacher for Seacole Class (which is our year 1 class) and is supported by Mrs Agar, Mrs Kane and Mrs Kerry

Miss Byrne is the class teacher for Nightingale Class (which is our year 1/2 class) and is supported by Mrs O'Connor and Mrs Kane.

Mr Gritt is the class teacher for Anning Class (which is our year 2 class) and is supported by Miss Whistler.


Behind the Class Names

Florence Nightingale was a pioneer for good standards for nurses in hospitals. She paved the way for safe and clean healthcare!

Mary Seacole was best known for going against prejudice and social rules. She was a key nurse during the Crimean war and helped to save lots of lives.

Mary Anning was best known for being a key female fossil hunter in the Victorian times. She discovered many remains of dinosaurs and even the first skeleton of the Plesiosaurus!


Topic: Plants and Growing

Our new topic is ‘Plants and Growing’. The children will be using their scientific skills to learn about different trees and plants, their names, their structures and what they need to grow. They will be having a go at growing their own plants and will be completing exciting challenges linked to our topic.


PE Kit and Forest School

Seacole class will have P.E on Tuesday

Nightingale class will have P.E on Tuesday.

Anning class will have P.E on Thursdays and Fridays

Please ensure you bring the correct P.E kit, labeled with your child's name, on these days.

Seacole and Nightingale classes - Please continue to send your children to school in the correct P.E. kit on their P.E. day (black jogging bottoms/leggings, white t-shirt/polo and black plimsolls). Please do not send children in tights for their P.E. lessons as these can cause them to slip on our sports hall floor.


Nightingale & Seacole class have Forest School on Mondays.

Anning class has Forest School on Wednesdays,

Please ensure your child brings a warm coat and wellies on this day. It would be useful to practise putting the wellies on at home so no time is wasted at school.

If you have any questions on this, please do not hestitate to contact one of the year 1/2 team.

August 2021


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