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In Victoria Primary we strive to provide a loving, caring environment that will nurture every child's growth and development.

Our class patron is Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin was an English scientist who studied nature. He is known for his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Summer 1

Our topic this term is Animals and Mini beasts in our school environment

Drop everything and Read

We are having bug hunt in our playground

Making dough spiders. How many legs and how many eyes do they need?

This clever boy is still counting the frogs!

Look at these masterpieces!

I can make and read my name. Super work!

There is a worm at the bottom of my garden!

We are digging the soil to find worms.

Which worm is the longest?

We are learning about bees. Bees make honey. We are having toast with honey!

Are the lily pads in the right order?

Look at this magic writing we are doing?

We can read!

We can read lots of logos and labels

Super counting! How many more frogs before you get to 10?

Our Mystery Box -We are learning to ask questions and solve problems

Today in the box we found a fan. Can you see it?

Our book of the week is THIS IS OWL. We are writing what she said

Follow the leader and play the rhythm on your instruments

Can you jump over it ?

How many spots can you see on this ladybird?

Super writing and reading

How many balls are in the bucket .. and how many not in the bucket ?

Fantastic perseverance. You did it! What a clever girl!

We have visited the Forest School

Our book of the week is Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell

We found some silly shells for ourselves. They all were round shapes, circles and spheres

In maths we are learning about patterns, sorting out and recognising and comparing numbers

We have been playing games to help us to listen and follow the instructions

We have been building lots of dens to hide

We are always busy at school.

Spring 2


We remember how to sit and listen well

We have a visitor in the Nursery. Candy is going to stay with us for a couple of weeks. We need to feed her and play with her.

We play games and know how to take turns and wait for our go

Our plant is growing every day

Would you like a doughnut?

Yes, please Mr Panda!

We have invented a new game!

Autumn November/December

Listening to and playing music

Christmas time

Gingerbread Man story . We did an experiment with water and gingerbread man. We saw that the biscuit got soggy after being dipped in the water.


Don't make the bells ring it is too early for Christmas yet!

Our book of the week is

Animal Music

We can play fast and slow, quiet and loud. We can even play simple musical patterns

Outside we have a stage where we can sing and play our musical instruments

Our guest musician this week played the triangle for us

We are practicing playing triangles

Our guest musician played the saxophone

We loved the sound of the saxophone

Our guest musicians this week

Everyone in our class loved playing the piano or rather the keyboard

Outside we sing and play ring games

The book we are reading this week is Can't You Sleep little Bear .

Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? by Martin Waddell: 9781564022622 |  PenguinRandomHouse.com: Books

Outside we made a dark bear cave. We used torches to make the cave brighter.


The torches helped us to read books

This term we are learning about music and musical instruments

We are practising our sense of rhythm

Every morning we are concentrating on writing tasks. Our writing and our pen grip are really improving

We are using tweezers to strengthen our grip. Look at the bugs we caught!

Autumn 1 September

We are getting very clever at following the Nursery routine

Hands on top- everybody STOP

We know how to be good listeners

Look how well we can concentrate on our work

We know how to line up for lunch

First Days in our Nursery

The children have been busy playing, exploring and making friends

What have you been doing in Nursery today?

Our book this week was Whatever Next by Jill Murthy

Zoom zoom zoom we're flying to the Moon

We are building resilience and perseverance ... and towers

We are going on a Leaf Hunt in our school garden

Look who is teaching us today! Thank you for showing us how to make a healthy snack

We are learning to drum; slowly, fast, quietly and of course ... very loudly

Visiting our school guinea pig in the school garden

Candy loves carrots

Mrs Walker brushed Candy's fur

May 2021


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