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Summer 2

Week 2

Hello Boot and Bell Class,

This week's learning is all about Summer! So hopefully the sun comes out again soon! Enjoy the range of activities we have - from writing, art and some measuring how tall you are using your hands!

Our Kindness Project this week is to leave a video message, tell a joke or create a picture to share on our Seesaw page. The idea is to make someone else smile, so it can be anything you think the other children would enjoy.

Have a lovely week

Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We hope you have had a restful half term. Below are this week's activities for our theme of the Week 'Transport and Vehicles'.

Week 5

Hello everyone,

Below are the final activities for this half term. We hope that you and your child enjoy them.

Week 4

Enjoy some of our project work this week:

Maths Tasks:

Day 1 - Adding On

Our challenge for children this week is adding on. So far, the children have all started to count from 1 when both counting and adding. Over the next few days, we would like to encourage children to start counting from different numbers and adding on more.

1. Play ‘I count, you count’ (see images). You might count up to 10, 20 or 30 depending on your child.

2. To practise adding on your could play the ‘Construction Challenge’ you will need blocks and a dice. Both players start with 0.

3. Take turns to roll a dice and collect that amont of cbues to ad to their tower.

4. On their next go, repeat by rolling dice and taking that many counters

5. Ask the child to remember how many they have already. Count on from there to add up the new blocks/counters.

6. How high can you build your tower?

7. Take a video to tell us how tall the tallest tower was!

2. Day 2 - Adding on

Encourage your child to create their own ‘adding on’ stories in their play. They can use any small world toys they have, whether that is animals, lego or superheroes!

Here is my story ‘First there were 5 dolls in the house. Then 2 more dolls came. Now there are 7 dolls. Three more dolls appeared in the garden. Now there are 10.’

Video your story to share with your friends on our Seesaw page.

3. Taking Away

  1. Sing ‘10 green bottles’ together
  2. Challenge your child to count back from 10 or 20 (whichever is right for your child)
  3. A game for two – Gather ten objects between two players.
  4. The children choose whether they take away 1, 2 or 3 objects on each turn.
  5. Say how many objects you have left behind.
  6. The winner is the layer who avoids taking the last pebble.
  7. For extra challenge, use 15 objects rather than 10.

Weekly reading session

Watch ‘The Little Red Hen’


Good morning,

Today please enjoy a story about The Little Red Hen and discuss some of these questions.

  1. Can you remember some of the jobs that The Little Red Hen had to do?
  2. Why was the Little Red Hen so busy?
  3. Do you think the Little Red Hen was happy? Why? Why not?
  4. Does the Little Red Hen remind you of any other characters from other stories?
  5. Do you think that the cat, dog or mouse will be more helpful in the future

Writing Activity -

Something my little girl has enjoyed during the lockdown is making and posting cards for our family. She finds it really exciting when she hears that they have been delivered! Today we would like you to write a message to a family member, friend or neighbour. You could write a letter or a card to send a message that will make them smile. Make sure if you use any tricky words that use your word mat to help you spell them. Before you start why not have a go at some chalk writing to help you remember our tricky words from last week. Parents, please write the tricky words out in chalk for your child to write over in water. If you don't have chalk you could use yellow crayon or felt tip on paper for your child to trace.

Week 3

A Crafty Challenge

Each week we will be uploading a project for you to complete together. These activities will be aimed at developing children's skills in different areas. This week's task is a crafty one where the children can practise their cutting, their assembly of different materials and also planning what they are going to do. This project will also allow children to collaborate with others and develop their problem solving skills as they work through the project with you.

Week 2 (27.4.20)

Hello Boot and Bell Class,

You can find the activities for this week below. We hope you have lots of fun doing them. Please remember to share your learning with us on Seesaw so that we can see your learning and set you extra challenges!


Reading, Phonics and Writing


Week 1 (20.4.20)

Dear Children and Parents,

We hope you had a lovely Easter holiday together and are all safe and well. We would like to welcome you to a brand new term and are very excited about how we are going to be communicating with you all in the coming weeks. All of the activities for Reception will be loaded onto Seesaw, but will also appear on here for you too. We are very excited to see what fantastic, creative learning you get up to at home!

Take care,

Miss Murphy and Mrs Evans


Reading, Phonics and Writing

The reading and phonics tasks will be similar each week. This is because it is so important for reception-aged children to practise key skills. They need to revisit and apply their learning many times to help them become confident in letter recognition, blending (reading), letter formation and segmenting (spelling).

Weekly Learning Projects

We will also be uploading a variety of other activities called 'Weekly Learning Projects'. These will sometimes include maths or English activities but will more usually focus on other topics important in young children's learning, such as their understanding of the world.

Finally, Here are some further resources which may be helpful when teaching your child at home. It incudes sound mats, Bear Word Sentences and simple activities that could support you.

We look forward to seeing your fantastic learning on Seesaw!

Mrs Evans and Miss Murphy

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We hope you have had a chance to start exploring the home learning packs with your child. Over the coming weeks, we will add further activities and links to this webpage for you to share with your child.

It is really important your child continues to read lots at home. We have sent the children home with extra books but we understand these won't last long. Please read books you may have at home and check out the reading area of our class page. We will provide links to suitable websites that have reading material for the children.

We will also provide a list of ideas, games, web links for activities to support both yourselves and your children's physical and mental wellbeing.

Thank you for your support. Why not have a go at some of the lovely activities below to keep little hands busy!

A few top websites:


A range of phonics and maths games for the children to enjoy.


BBC Teach – Nursery Rhymes

Cosmic Kids – Yoga for kids
Scholastic - Free Resources to download

To access the free resources, it just takes a few moments to create an account.


Get Active

Your first challenge is to teach a family member one of our 'Wake and Shake' dances. You all know that being active is really important for your body so we are challenging you to complete a daily workout.

Joe Wicks kids workout

Jumpstart Jonny

Go Noodle Dinosaur Stomp

Go Noodle Pizza

Phonics Games

Buried Treasure - Phonics game

Parents - Your child can access these games for FREE. Click on Buried Treasure or Picnic on Pluto and select 'Phase 2'. The games focus on blending together sounds to read the word and deciding whether the word is real or 'nonsense'. We wonder who can get 10 points!

Phonics Teaching

Phonics Play - A well used web site with a variety of games for Reception aged pupils. The website is offering a subscription through this period of home learning.


Teach your Monster to Read (App) - This is downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. It is also free at the moment and is a sure win with your little one.

Rhyme of the Week

Can you teach a family member our Rhymes of the Week? You could put on a show and invite your family to be the audience.

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer

5 Little Ducks

5 Currant Buns

Hickory Dickory Dock


Reading is a top priority for all children. We as a team want every child to become successful, confident readers but we can't do this on our own, we need your support. We have given your children new reading books. Please set aside 5 minutes per day to read their school book. Bedtime stories are also a great way to help your child develop their reading skills. Here are a few of our favourites from class.

Click on the link below for additional help with reading

Reading support

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Adams and the Reception Team

October 2021


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