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Congratulations to Mrs Grigorjevs!
Today is Mrs Grigorjevs last day for a while as she is leaving to have a baby! We’re sending lots of our very best wishes to her and her family for a very happy maternity leave.

Year 5 Bowden Class will still have Mrs Evans and they will be joined in by Miss Latif in the new year.

Congratulations to Miss Casson!
Today is also Miss Casson’s last day for a while as she is also heading off on maternity leave. We’re sending lots of love and luck to her and her family as they welcome their new baby!

New Year – New Faces
School re-opens on Monday January 10th 2022. We’ve had no information from government to suggest anything about school closures after Christmas so we are fully expecting to see all of our families after the holiday.

When we get back, there’ll be a few new faces at school:
- Miss Anderson – teaching assistant in Reception Boot and Bell Classes
- Mrs Sayyed – teaching assistant in Years 5 & 6 Bowden and Cuffay Classes
- Miss Harlow – teaching assistant in Years 3&4 Rowntree and Bronte Classes
- Miss Ali – academic mentor in Years 2, 3 and 4.

Happy Christmas
We’d like to Wish our Christian families a very Happy Christmas, and all of you a safe and happy holiday. There are pictures from our Christmas events on the school twitter and insta feeds but the last words go to our children:

Years 3 to 6 sing “Deck the Halls” at:
Our Language Ambassadors have a special message for you at:

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