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18th March 2022

Charity: Ukraine fundraising / Red Nose Day / Comic Relief

As a school, we are proud to have many families with us who are now safe having fled different war zones across the world. At a time when we know that money is tight and the cost of living is going up, we have decided not to single out Ukraine for a special school fundraising event and instead want to promote the work of two charities you might choose to support:

Comic Relief / Red Nose Day
The Comic Relief / Red Nose Day charity supports charity projects across the UK and around the world – including in Ukraine. The children look fantastic today – it’s great to have a school full of heroes! If you sent in a donation for the Red Nose Day / Comic Relief charity, we will pass this on for you. You can also add a donation on the official website: using the green button at the top right of the screen.

Disasters Emergency Committee
This is a group of 15 leading charities who come together to make a quick response to overseas disasters. They are currently working in Ukraine and Afghanistan. You can find out more and donate at

Helping Ukraine from Nottingham
You can find a link to the Nottingham group co-ordinating the city’s response on this link:

Easter Holiday Clubs and Food Vouchers

This Easter school holiday, pupils entitled to Free School Meals can receive:

1. Weekly £15 supermarket e-vouchers. These will be emailed from school as normal.

2. Holiday Activity Clubs in venues across Nottingham with Free food provided. Some places are available for pupils who aren’t eligible for Free School Meals. Book your place: - the nearest to school is at The Portland Centre.

School Reading Books

Please have a look at home for any reading books which may have gone missing. Each reading book is worth around £5 – when you add up how many children we have and how many books they need, there are thousands of pounds worth of books going between school and home each week. We aren’t that rich so please make sure books are looked after and returned!

Bikes and Scooters

It’s great to see so many children biking and scooting to school – and using our lovely new bikes shelter! There are five or six bikes and scooters which have been living in the shelter for three or four weeks now – do check that yours aren’t the ones turning into lost property.

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