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15th October 2021

Coronavirus Outbreak in School

More than 10% of our staff are currently covid positive. There is no pattern to which staff have been affected which means that it is likely the virus is being spread by children who don’t have symptoms.

We have been working very closely with Public Health who have been advising us on managing the outbreak.

In school, we have continued with staggered assemblies, playtimes and lunch sittings so that children don’t mix fully when out of class. You will also see staff social distancing and wearing face coverings once more.

In the final week, we would ask all parents to be very cautious if you or your child starts with a new, persistent cough. All children in that situation should be booked for a PCR test and not sent into school. This will mean that we can keep the situation under control before the half term break.

Attendance = Rewards

It’s no surprise that children who come to school most, learn most. Each week, the classes with the highest attendance are rewarded with an extra break time with their friends.

Congratulations to our most recent “top two”:
Year 2 Anning Class (99% attendance)
Year 5 / 6 Naoroji Class (98% attendance)

Coming up

Monday 18th October: Police officers are visiting Reception Classes!
Wednesday 20th October: Teddy Bear Hospital are visiting Nursery and Reception Classes!
Friday 22nd October: Last day – holiday the week after

Monday 1st November: School reopens for all classes
Friday 12th November: Children in Need Event Day

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