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Following some great chats with families this week, here is an update of what we know about "all things coronavirus".

Are we doing ok?

Like you, school staff are tired of the coronavirus restrictions. Since re-opening, we have been very lucky to have been able to keep all of our classes fully open. This is because you are very careful not to send your child into school if they have coronavirus symptoms and have taken care to keep your distance, following covid rules at drop-off and pick-up. Thank you!

What’s Covid looking like in Nottingham at the moment?

Last week, the covid rate in Nottingham was 60% higher than the national average. Today, more than 2500 Nottingham children are learning at home because their bubble is closed. None of those bubbles are Victoria Primary bubbles.

Covid rules – what’s changing?

Although there is lots of guessing going on in the news at the moment, rules will not be reviewed by government until the last few days of term. This means that for now, nothing changes - we have to stick with it.

Why have rules changed in real life, but not in school?

As the covid vaccine started to be given to older people first, schools are now the places with the most un-vaccinated people in one place. We have 350 small humans in our buildings. Because of this, it does mean that if a covid outbreak is going to start somewhere, it’s probably going to be from school. Please continue to wear a mask on-site and keep your distance from each other and the staff – apart from children, we are probably the riskiest people you will meet when it comes to covid.

I’m not worried if my child catches coronavirus, do I still need to get a test if they have symptoms?

We understand that not every family is worried for their own children because the illness in children is often mild - and getting a test can be a pain!

However, we do have children and staff who have medical conditions which could lead to serious illness and you wouldn’t want to be responsible for that.

The quick self-tests (lateral flow tests) are now “next generation” and are accurate at picking up high viral loads. For the sake picking up a kit for free at the pharmacy, you might make a huge difference to someone else’s family even if you are happy with managing the risk for your own.

What will it look like for school in September?

We are really hoping we can get back to normal! We must wait and see what instructions we get from the government before we can answer that though. We know that with your support we have a great chance at keeping everyone safe and well no matter what – together we have proved that already!

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