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Stay Covid Safe in School

Dear families

Covid cases close classes for ten days by law. Nearly all of our class closures have been because parents sent their child into school when they shouldn't have done.

To keep as many classes open as possible please:

- Get yourself and your children tested regularly - you can do this for free, with no appointment at the Portland Centre on the Meadows or at the Clifton Community Centre. More details here: Get a COVID-19 Test - Nottingham City Council

- Staff take covid tests twice a week. It would be very safe in school for everyone if families did the same. We'd encourage you to go Portland today or tomorrow to make sure you are all clear before coming back to school on Monday (The centre is closed Sundays and Mondays).

- If your child has a cough or a high temperature, we will send them home to you and require you to get them tested. You can save the pain of this by taking your child for a test as soon as you notice any coughs or high temperatures. This also prevents us having to close classes.

If in doubt - get a test - they are now quick, easy and local.


Mr Gray

(Head of School)

May 2021


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