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COVID and staff working with children

Following a few good questions from parents, I wanted to share with all parents how the school is taking a “high-alert” approach to contact with your children.

We are all very clear that school adults are the biggest covid-risk in school and so nobody working in school is taking any chances with who we let near your children. If ANY adult has been near a covid case, we send them home to self-isolate just in case they develop symptoms later. This is why some staff are not in school at the moment - as a precaution to keep everyone else safe. If anyone does show symptoms or gets a positive test, we run our own contact tracing for the previous 48 hours and then self-isolate everyone who has been in contact.

This is why we closed our school kitchen on Tuesday. Although this meant that children ate sandwiches for lunch, we gained enough time to do a full and thorough contact tracing to make sure that everyone had definitely been kept safe when a case came to light - and we were pleased that everything was as it should be and we could re-open the kitchen the next day.

This high-alert approach has meant that we have stayed well below the national case rate for schools even though we are in a high risk area. If there is any chance that your child has been in contact with a coronavirus case at school, we would always let you know straight away and give you the information you need so that your family stays safe.

Having a COVID Test?

If anyone in your house has a COVID test you must NOT send your child to school until you have a negative test result (or 14 days later if it’s positive). If your child gets a positive result and you have sent them to school whilst waiting for the result, you will close your child’s whole class for a fortnight.

Tier 2 Coronavirus Rules in Nottingham

We need everyone to remember to follow the local rules - if everyone is safe out of school, then it is much less likely that anyone will bring coronavirus into school.
Please remember that right now:
- Households cannot mix indoors
- The "Rule of 6" applies outdoors
- Keep 2m distance from people who are not from your household

Coronavirus – class closure (Year 4 Pankhurst)

Year 4 Pankhurst are currently learning at home following a positive coronavirus test in their class. Because our bubble system is so carefully managed, only children in Year 4 Pankhurst have been sent home as a precaution. The class have not had contact outside their bubble and there is no reason for us to be concerned that anyone else has been in contact in school. A reminder that the NHS instructions for “what to do if” are very clear and can be found at

Thank you to the vast majority of parents who are doing their bit to keep everyone safe in school – wearing a mask - keeping 2m distance - following the one way system. This really does help to keep everyone as safe as possible and to keep as many classes open as possible too.

Late / Forgotten things from home

We have noticed some families are forgetting to send their children with packed lunches, water bottles, PE kits (etc) and are bringing these to the office late. When adults do this, they add covid risk across school by having to come back to school and into the building to get to the office. School staff then have to break your child’s class bubble to deliver things. Please remember school things for the start of the school day so that we don’t have an increased infection risk in school from “extra visits”.

Mr Gray is still here!

As Mr Gray has a high-risk health condition, he isn’t allowed to see families on the gate at the moment. He is still here in school however! Please do speak to deputy head Mrs Brook and other senior staff who are on the gates each day if you have any questions or concerns – all are equally happy to help.

Coming Up: INSET Day and Half Term

School will be closed for staff training on Friday 23rd October. Unlike schools operated by the city council, our half term matches NUAST and is one week meaning school is closed from Friday 23rd October to Sunday 1st November. School re-opens on Monday 2nd November for all children.

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