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Expect a phone call from the teacher

Birthday sweets and treats

Fake Coronavirus News Check

Is it Coronavirus or a Cold?

Expect a phone call from the teacher

As we cannot have open evening for you to see how your child has settled into their new class, you will get a phone call from their teacher sometime in the next few weeks. This will be a quick check in so you can hear how things are going and an opportunity for you to ask any questions you need answers to.

Birthday sweets and treats

Some families like to send sweets etc to celebrate children’s birthdays with their classmates. To keep this safe during the pandemic, here’s the updated list of do’s and don’t’s:

- Children can bring sweets to share.
- They should be in a sealed package like a new celebrations type tub or big bag of little haribo type packets etc.
- Loose individually wrapped sweets which could have been touched can’t be shared unless they are quarantined in school for 72 hours first.
- Open sweets, cake etc cannot be accepted or given out at all.
- School staff will think about how to give these out so that multiple children aren’t rummaging and touching everything.

As always:

- We will not share anything with nut ingredients
- Children are asked to put sweets etc in their bag to take home. They do not eat them in class or on the playground. It is up to their parent when and if they eat them, not school staff.

Fake Coronavirus News Check

Can children be detained without their parents’ consent if the authorities think they have coronavirus?

No, this cannot happen. For full details of where this fake news came from, please click for an independent fact checking website

Is it Coronavirus or a Cold?

Cold (not coronavirus)

Sore Throat
Blocked Nose
Runny Nose
Children can still go to school if the cold is mild

Possibly Coronavirus

New continuous cough (This means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing fits in 24 hours
Fever / High Temperature
Loss or change in their sense of smell or taste
Children should stay at home, isolate for at least 10 days and have a free NHS test. Other members of the household should also self-isolate for 14 days. You shouldn’t leave home apart from when you go to get your test and shouldn’t have any visitors

For both

Children should be encouraged to use tissues for coughs and sneezes, throw tissues away as soon as they have been used and wash their hands regularly.

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