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Victoria Primary School Newsletter 17th July 2020

End of Term – thank you!

Today is the last day of school for this school year. Our seesaw app is being turned off and classrooms are being closed down for the summer break.

Our whole staff would like to thank you for your support and patience over the last few months. We have done our very best over a really hard period and know that you have done the same. The effort you have put into to helping your children keep up with their learning will show when they return to school in September and we have lots of support in place to make sure we build on the work you’ve done.

You can see summer holiday messages from our staff on the school Instagram page from this afternoon. We hope you enjoy seeing our faces and hearing our voices one last time before the break!

School re-opens on Tuesday 1st September and we can’t wait to have everyone back and to feel closer to being a normal school once again. Take care, stay safe and enjoy a great summer.

Mr Gray

Leavers - a message for our amazing Year 6 children

This has been the weirdest end to primary school that any year group has ever had! For now, Mr Gray has left you a video message at . Good luck for starting Year 7 – remember to work hard and be kind, you know that doing so will make you a success. You know where we are if you need any advice or support. We look forward to having you all back for a leavers’ event in the Autumn Term. We promise music, drinks and snacks!

Leavers – staff goodbyes

We let you know about some staff leavers in the last email newsletter. Today we say a final farewell and good luck to Mr Dalby, Mr Martey and Tyler Cox. We thank them for their hard work with / for our children and hope their futures hold lots of great things!

School Start / Finish Times in September

To help with social distancing, the times of the school day will change slightly.

Nursery - doors open 8.45 – 8.55am - finish at 12.00pm / 3.00pm

Reception, Year 3, Year 5 - doors open 8.35 – 8.45am - finish 3.05pm

Year 1, Year 2, Year 4, Year 6 - doors open 8.45 – 8.55am - finish 3.15pm

Parents are asked to only come onto the school site if their child can’t get into class independently. If you are on the school site, you will need to be “in then out” (no hanging around for a chat!) and follow the signs and instructions. There will be a one-way system in place (In through the main Bosworth Walk gate – out through the Early Years or Astroturf Gate).

Questions about September

All children are expected to be back in school full-time after the summer holiday. There will be changes to prevent the spread of infections including coronavirus. A Quick Guide is attached as well as a detailed “Frequently Asked Questions” sheet.

The headlines are:

- Parents - only come onto the school site if you have to. If your child is over 5 and independent enough, drop at the gate, not at the classroom door.

- Pick up for Mr Gritt, Miss Mullins and Miss White’s classes will be on the astroturf / newer tarmac area of the playground, not the classroom door.

- Parents - please avoid coming to the office in person where you can. Phone, email and use bank transfers for dinner payments to avoid crowding in our small entranceway.

- We are expecting all parents to do their bit using the rules in the Quick Guide

- Cleaning surfaces regularly throughout the day

- Insisting on handwashing regularly throughout the day

- Undertaking a deeper clean at the end of every day

- Children from other classes aren’t allowed into your child’s classroom, class playtime / lunchtime spaces

- We won’t be having assemblies or larger group gatherings


September Quick Guide for Children

September Quick Guide for Parents

September - Frequently Asked Questions (detailed)

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