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Collect End of Year Reports

Children’s end of year reports can be collected from the Bosworth Walk gate between 9.45 and 11.00 this morning. Any reports not collected will be posted.

Early Years Transition Meetings for Parents / Carers

Information meetings, which are normally held in school for the families of our youngest learners, will be online this year.

New to Nursery – 2pm Wednesday 8th July

New to Reception – 12pm Wednesday 8th July (for Mrs Walker’s current class)

New to Year 1 – 1pm Wednesday 8th July (for Miss Murphy & Mrs Evans’ current classes)

Families will receive the link by email today.

Summer Holidays

School closes at 1215 on Friday 17th July.

The government has confirmed that they are not asking schools to open over the summer holidays, and there is no expectation that schools should open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers over this period.

Summer Holiday Free School Meal Vouchers

Families who have been receiving supermarket vouchers will receive £45 per child in week 1 of the summer holiday and £45 per child in week 4. These are for families who are eligible through their benefits claims and not for all families.

You can contact Claire on and those who have had vouchers delivered in person will still receive these through Lorraine.

School in September

School is expected be open full time for all children from Tuesday 1st September. There will probably be changes to make sure that all children are kept safe from coronavirus. When we have had time to work through the government information about this, we will let you know a more detailed plan.

Changes to Classes in September

From September, we will be starting to move towards a mixed age class system for children in Reception, Years 1 and 2. This is the same system that the outstanding Welbeck Primary School use just around the corner from us. We have been working hard in preparing the new classes and are really excited by how the new structure has allowed us to move teachers and assistants to better meet the needs of more children more often. One thing that you will notice are just how many staff we are able to offer each class next year – something that will be very important after children have been away from school for up to five months. This has also meant that Year 6 will be split into three smaller classes in the new year so that they can have much closer contact as they prepare for their SATs.

Changes to school staff – September

Goodbye - Mr Dalby
After four years at Victoria Primary School, Mr Dalby is going to leave us for an adventure! He is moving to a new teaching job in Malaysia. Mr Dalby is well known for the care and attention he has given each of his pupils and has helped the school to become a better place through his hard work and kindness – a real Victoria teacher! We wish him lots of luck and hope he discovers lots of great places on his travels.

Goodbye – Mr Martey
At the start of lockdown, Mr Martey hopped on a plane to the USA so that he could be with his wife for the birth of their first child. Three months later, he is loving being a Dad so much that he has decided that he will be staying in America with his family. We wish him lots of luck

Goodbye – Tyler Cox
After two years of apprenticeship training, we say goodbye and good luck to Tyler from the school office. Tyler has finished her qualification and is now heading out into the big wide world of work! We will miss her smiley face and “can-do” attitude.

Hello – Mr Prestidge
Mr Prestidge is our new Assistant Headteacher. He is joining us to lead all our pastoral team which includes all of the staff who work in family support, counselling, therapy, mental health and special needs. He will also be taking over as teacher of Cadbury Class too.

Hello – Mrs Grigorjevs
Mrs Grigorjevs is an experienced teacher who joins us to replace Mr Dalby in Year 5.

Hello – Miss Dean
Miss Dean replaces Mrs Dance (who left following the birth of her first child earlier this year). Miss Dean will be teaching Year 4.

Hello – Miss Musson
Miss Musson replaces Mrs Kershaw (who left to work for the County Council at Easter). Miss Musson will be teaching Reception Class.

Hello – Miss Tolley
Miss Tolley joins our team of teaching assistants and will be working in the Reception Team.

Who is my child’s teacher in September?

England doesn’t use a system of “holding children back a year” so all children will be going on to their next year group in September. The sheet confirming your child’s teacher is in their End of Year School Report envelope.

The class structure for next year is:

Darwin Nursery Class

Mrs Walker

with Mrs Greenhalgh & Mrs Offorne

Boot Reception Class: Miss Musson

Bell Reception & Year 1 Class: Miss Murphy

with Mrs Adams, Mrs Kane & Miss Tolley

Year 1 Seacole Class: Mrs Moore

Year 1 & 2 Nightingale Class: Miss Byrne

with Mrs Evans, Mrs O’Connor, Mrs Agar, Mrs McEvoy & Mrs Kerry

Year 2 Anning Class: Mr Gritt

with Miss Whistler & Miss Simkins

Year 3 Brunel Class: Miss Mullins

Year 3 Stevenson Class: Miss White

with Mrs Brook & Mrs Kaur

Year 4 Pankhurst Class: Miss Dean

Year 4 Bronte Class: Miss Grieve & Miss Nock

with Mrs Russell & Miss Hedges

Year 5 Bowden Class: Mrs Grigorjevs

Year 5 Fothergill Class: Mrs Webb

with Miss Froggatt, Mrs Shafi & Mrs Kearney

Year 6 Cuffay Class: Mr Longdon

Year 6 Bridgetower Class: Mr Pickering

Year 6 Naoroji Class: Miss Moore

with Miss Woodhouse

Cadbury Class: Mr Prestidge

with Mrs Bradford & Miss Casson

September 2020


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