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Christmas is Coming!

Thursday 5th December: Meadows Lights Switch-on

Join our Christmas Choir at the Bridgeway Centre after school to see the Christmas lights being switched on in our area. We’ll be joined by our friends from Greenfields and Welbeck schools for this whole community festive event!

Friday 6th December: Christmas Dinner

Children of any religion or none at all can join in our Christmas Dinner on Friday! Unless you’re Free School Meals, a school meal is £2.05 which can be paid at the office. There will be English Christmas food, crackers with gifts and Christmas music to enjoy while we eat. And to make it an extra special time, teachers and teaching assistants will be serving the children their meals!

Friday 13th December: Christingle

A German tradition, a Christingle is an orange (representing the world) with items stuck in to represent different Christian traditions. Made by children, they are taken to church to celebrate light in the world at Christmastime. This year, we will be taking our Christingles to St George’s Church on the afternoon of December 13th – and families are welcome too! As this is a religious service, please let your child’s teacher know if they can’t attend for religious reasons.

Friday 13th December: Christmas Non-Uniform Day

Christmas Non-Uniform Day is a day for dressing up in a Christmassy way! We dress up because it’s fun but across the UK people also wear Christmas Jumpers on this day to raise money for Save the Children charity. You don’t have to send money, but if you’d like to we’ll donate it for you.

Nursery & Reception Performance (10th December) Year 1 & 2 Performance (17th December)

The children have been working so hard on their Christmas shows! On the day, please make sure you aren’t late – we won’t let you in as it puts the littles ones off. During the show please remember to stand to the sides to take photos and videos – and that it is illegal to post these online without the permission of EVERY parent whose child is in the shot (so basically just keep them for yourself!)


Wishing a happy and peaceful Advent to our Christian families who started their observance last weekend. Also, Happy St Nicholas Day to our European Christians who celebrate on Thursday!

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