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You are invited to attend Easter School 8th -15th April 2018. Sessions will run from 9am-12pm each day (not including the weekend).

Why should I attend Easter School?

1. Its free!

2. You don’t have to wear your uniform! (we won’t)

3. We won’t be doing the usual ‘sitting down’ work, you will be using your y6 skills to solve murders, play games with one another and generally have a good time.

4. You won’t have that ‘OMG, I’m back at school and I’ve forgotten everything’ feeling when you return after having just over 2 weeks off from school.

5. There will be snacks.

6. We miss you when we don’t see you for ages!

7. You will feel more confident about your learning in the Summer term, your SATs tests and will feel better prepared for September.

If you would like to discuss this offer further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself, Mrs Webb or Miss Moore.

Can’t wait to see you,

Miss Froggatt

Assistant Head of School

Victoria Primary School

August 2019


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