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Please support your child by reading with them every evening for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Reading regularly will also:

  • Build confidence
  • Build a wider range of vocabulary
  • Help with spelling
  • Build a rich imagination

Don't forget to record it in your reading diary.


The children will each receive a Maths and English activity to be completed each week. The tasks will go out every Monday and to be returned by the Friday. The tasks are designed for children to be able to complete them independently but you can support them.

Times Tables

Please encourage children to practice their times tables up to 12 x 12. Children are expected to recall all these times tables and know the division facts. At the end of Year 4, children will be completing a times table test on the computer. They will only have 6 seconds to answer each question so they must know them well! Also, the times tables are in the back of the reading diaries. Children will be given a times table booklet with activities to complete.

Words of the Week

Each week, children will be given 10 new words to learn. Please practice these at home with your child ready for the spelling test on Friday mornings.

1. Can you read the word?

2. Do you know what the word means? Look at the prefixes and suffixes- how do they change the meaning of the word?

3. Can you spell the word? How have you learnt to spell it (phonics, chunking, rhyme)?

4. Can you use it correctly in a sentence.

5. Do you know more than one meaning of the word> Does the meaning depend on how the word is used in the sentence (verb, adjective, noun, adverb)?


This half term, Physical Education will take place twice every week. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school as it is part of school uniform.

Brunel Class - Football

Bronte Class - Gymnastics

Pankhurst Class - Commando Joe and Swimming

Forest Schools

Forest School is on a Monday afternoon for children in Brunel and Bronte Class. Children must bring wellies and a coat. All personal belongings should be clearly labelled.

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