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In schools across the U.K., this week is Anti-Bullying Week. Victoria Primary School is proud that on the rare times when a bullying issue emerges, staff tackle the problem very quickly – and all of our children have a part to play in this by being watchful and thoughtful of their friends. Classes are spending lessons and assemblies throughout the week learning all about the issue of bullying and understanding why it is worse than having a fall-out with friends. The children are also writing a new Bullying Policy for staff to follow and we will share this with families as soon as it is ready. You can find out more on the national website at

Mrs Russell, PSHE Leader

  • Sports morning
    Thursday june 21st (Whole School - 20/06/2018)
  • Awards galore!
    We're starting to celebrate those annual achievements! (Whole School - 20/06/2018)
  • Chickenpox Outbreak
    Health advice (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • End of school day
    Thank you for being on time - or letting us know if not (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Health warning
    Families are alerted to the dangers of the fake tongue piercings craze. (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Donation thanks
    Improvements to our Forest School area (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Cadbury nurture garden sale
    This week only! (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Well done to year 6!
    We were all very proud of Year 6 pupils last week (Whole School - 20/05/2018)
  • Goodbye to Mrs Sarah Perkins
    After almost two decades of service to pupils attending the school, we said a sad goodbye to teachin (Whole School - 07/05/2018)
  • Well done to years 3 & 4!
    Huge congratulations to pupils in Years 3 and 4 who performed their Bugsy Malone show last week. (Whole School - 07/05/2018)

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